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Persuasive Speech Topics Writing

Persuasive Speech Topics

Speeches are often addressed to an audience. Just like any other type of speech, persuasive speeches are addressed to an audience with the aim of convincing them that the information being presented is true and relevant. Many at times, college and university students are required to write persuasive speeches, which are then graded based on how well the paper was convincing to the tutor. Persuasive speech does not aim to inform the audience but to rather change their perspective on the issue being discussed. Student’s have a hard time choosing topics and here is why I have written a guide on how one can choose a topic and how to come up with a good persuasive essay.

First, the aim is to involve the audience. Your audience can only be involved if the topic you have chosen is relevant. When choosing a topic, you should ask yourself whether the topic will interest your audience. That is, will you persuasion get them to talk? If by the end of your speech your audience are not challenged/provoked to contribute to your speech and do more research, then your paper was not well written. The best way to come up with the best topic is by first selecting several topics and evaluating them prior to your writing. As you choose the topic read extensively on the topic to see whether you can discuss the topic in-depth with having to present fallacies in your speech.

Secondly, give your opinions based on facts that are evidently available for your audience. Also, use statistics in presenting your perspective. Evidence based persuasions have been make your audience confident, which makes them pay more attention to your art. To help you write your persuasive speech with confidence I have created a list of areas one can choose from with topics in those areas and examples of how you can structure your paper for each topic.

Persuasive speeches can take one of them form or one might incorporate all the three forms. That is, you might decide to use policies, facts, or values to defend your arguments. Persuasive speeches that use facts depend on already existing information. One may decide to use research papers or data provided in articles and magazines. For value, the speech is based on what is morally right or morally wrong. That is, there is only two sides of the argument. It is either one or the other. Basing arguments on policy is trying to change what the society already things. Their thesis statement always has a should, which insinuates a suggestion for change. For instance, should pregnant women be allowed to take alcohol.

In writing a persuasive speech there are important steps one should take to achieve a good paper. These steps can however be used for any other type of speech with a little tweak.

1.      Select a topic from a variety of topics. Make the list of topics you’d like to tackle and then analyze them carefully before deciding on one.

2.      Be clear on the purpose of your topic. Just like any paper, you should be clear about what you want to achieve by the end of your discussion.

3.      Having set out the goal, gather relevant information and resources. You must be equipped with information if you intend to convince people of your choices. Having little information may not make your audience lose confidence in you and in return will not pay attention.

4.      Jot down an outline in order of priority. Having done your research well, you will be in a better position to know what matter requires more attention.

5.      After writing your outline, you are now good to write the body of persuasive speech. Revise your work afew times before you can present it to your lecturer or audience.


Top Five Persuasive Essay Areas with Topic Suggestions

1.      Education

Education is constantly changing with technological advancements. Educational systems, policies and regulations are also changing to fit in. However, not everyone agrees with why education should take a different turn as people have still succeeded with the traditional education system. Hence, it is a matter that has the attention of many people. In this bid, several topics can be deduced from this and in which an educated group will resonate to it and will be eager give attention to and contribute. Some of these topics include:

ü  Should students be allowed to carry their mobile phones to school?

ü  Is remote learning better than the traditional learning scheme?

ü  Has performance been affected with the change of policies in education?

On the other hand, there are so many topics one can discuss concerning education. When one is looking for a topic in this area, it is advisable that you focus on the problems that education faces and put more focus on what happens in the school set up. That is, inside and outside the classroom. Here are other topics one can discuss in this section:

ü  What are the ways international students can be helped to stay comfortable in their new environment?

ü  Is expulsion the best punishment for school bullies?

ü  Should gym grades be included in the final student GPA?

ü  Should learning foreign languages be abolished?

ü  Should handwriting be a subject in colleges?

ü  Is homeschooling an option for parents?


2.      Health

There are myths and misconceptions that are present in the health sector. Depending on one’s interest you may decide to persuade your audience that whatever information they already have is untrue. Some of the topics that often carry a lot of these myths are:

ü  There are products in the market that can cure cancer

ü  Obesity is caused by lack of physical activity

ü  Are fast foods dangerous?

ü  Sportsmen and women should take more proteins and carbohydrates

ü  Corona Virus is not only killing old people

ü  Not all alcohol beverages are harmful to one’s health

Health is a topic that interests many people, especially with the increasing number of infections. There is so much information on the internet that can be confusing and thus the need for people to come out with facts. According to the audience in question discussing health topics will get the attention of many as they would love to know how best health care problems can be resolved.

3.      Science and Technology

Science and technology are taking lead in many fields. From the education sector, health to the transport system. However, with new innovations coming up people are slowly asking whether the world is headed to the right direction. According to your opinion of how important science and technology is, you can air your views in a persuasive essay. Take, for instance, there are people who strongly believe technology is for the best and there are those who rebuke. Some of the topics can be retrieved from this include:

ü  Is legalizing self-driving cars a threat to the current transport systems?

ü  At what age should children be allowed to have mobile phones?

ü  Is social media slowly erasing cultural events?

ü  Should schools embrace e-books?

ü  Is technology and innovations posing a threat to future employment opportunities.

4.      Politics

Another topic that ignites people’s emotions is politics. For instance, for political leader to get votes, there have to persuasive. In political rallies, political leaders often use a persuasive language to get people to liking them and listening to their manifesto. This is the same technique you should when writing your persuasive speeches. It is important that as you write, you keep in mind people of your audience may not agree with your point of view but it is your job to convince them to take it up. In the section of politics, there is a lot of topics that can be deduced from this. From matters corruption to governance. Such topics include:

ü  Do you think the military budget is enough?

ü  Should the government spend more money to fund the constitution?

ü  The taxes we pay is too much

ü  Presidents should be allowed to rule for more than two terms

ü  Voting should be made mandatory

5.      Principles and Ideals

Morals are what guide the society. People are more willing to listen to discussions that solve they societal problems and moral problems. This topic is no different than the other only that you have use reasoning to persuade. Unlike the other areas of discussion, you have to convince people that whatever evocations you are airing are the best. Some of the topics in this area include:

ü  Does over population have any effects on the environment?

ü  Should contraceptive and birth control be a topic for teenage girls?

ü  How should young and rude people be dealt with?

ü  Mental disorder issues are a danger to the society

ü  Should cocaine and marijuana be legalized?

ü  Couples should only live together after marriage

Above are the top five sections one can choose their persuasive speech topics from. It is a guideline to help you in selecting the best topics that will get your audience reacting. You are now good to go with the development of your speech with the tips and suggestion topics presented in this article. 

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