Guide to Writing a Good Term Paper that will Earn You Good Grades

What is a Term Paper? How is Term Paper Written?

Term papers are a kind of research papers that are given to students at the end of the course unit.  They are an important method of student evaluation at the end of the semester by the teachers or professors. They are aimed to track and evaluate the students' knowledge and understanding of the course.  Term papers can be offered as individual work or gro0up work depending on the magnitude of the topic given. Term papers require a lot of research while undertaking them and good writing technique skills. While writing a term paper, you should ensure that is well researched, organized, and analyzed and reflect on your knowledge of the course. Term paper topic can either be provided by the teacher or the students is required to choose a topic for themselves. While writing a term paper one should allocate enough time to tackle all aspects of the topic chosen. It is important to be keen on term paper writing as it takes a larger percentage of the final course grade and it requires a lot of work.

Term paper format

The outline of term papers serves as a basis around which you build your research. The outline helps you to organize your research and ideas systematically making your work have a good flow. The most important of all is topic selection. While selecting a topic you should consider the length of the term paper, this will help you decide how broad or narrow your topic will be. The resource needed to complete the term paper such as books or e-materials and the complexity of the topic that will determine the number of research material the student require to tackle the topic. The layout that is mostly used while writing a term paper should include; an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. While compiling a term paper it should contain, a cover page, an abstract, an introduction, body, results, recommendations, and conclusion.

A cover page contains your name, course number, school, and the date of submission, and more importantly the topic of the term paper. This information should be written in the middle of the page. No other information should be included on the cover page.

An abstract is found on the second page of the paper. It contains a brief description of your work, what it contains, and its aims. The brief description should include, the method of research, the sample size, and the hypothesis of the results.

An introduction is the first chapter of your term paper. You should provide complete information about the topic. You should explain the reason for the topic chosen and the specific research method used.

The body is made up of different paragraphs. It is the second chapter of the term paper. It explains in detail the components that make up the topic chosen. It reviews the already researched materials concerning the topic. It is an important part of the whole term paper in that, it provides important information about the topic helping the reader understand the whole concept of the topic.

The results explain the final findings from your research. It also clarifies whether the hypothesis was true or false. It may also give a summary of why the proposed hypothesis was true or false and the reasons behind the results achieved.

Recommendations contain your views on the topic and future suggestions regarding the topic of research. It can also be used to encourage the reader to look for further information on the topic of discussion.

The conclusion summarizes all the important information regarding the topic. You can provide open-end questions or prompting the reader to read further on the topic.


Steps to completing a term paper

Some steps can be used in writing a good term paper. The most important is;

1. Setting enough time aside to tackle your paper. If you dedicate enough time to doing your research on the topic chosen you will be in a position to effectively cover all areas surrounding your topic. This will also benefit your reader to get a deeper understanding of the topic that you are discussing. You will also have enough time after completing your paper to analyze and edit avoiding submission of a paper that would be full of mistakes. Good writing and a detailed explanation of your topic will assure you of good final grades.

2. Before writing you should create an outline of your will give you a sense of flow while doing the actual writing. It will also help you to avoid mixing of ideas within the topics of your paper. Creating an outline also helps you save enough time while carrying out the research. Finally, it would provide a smooth flow to the reader while going through your final draft.

3. Have an interesting introduction. An interesting introduction aims at keeping the reader's concentration and creating an interest in the reader to read through the entire term paper. A good introduction may favor you in getting good final grades.

4. Avoid irrelevant information while writing the body or discussion of your topic. Too much information that does not have a connection with your topic might cause your reader to lose interest. It also creates bulkiness in your work. It is important to keep your discussions specific and completely related to your topic. The information should also be relevant.

5. Have strong conclusion points. The conclusion of your paper is as important as your introduction. The conclusion should fulfill your reader's expectations by summarizing the entire topic into simple short sentences that fully explains the topic.

6. Select your most preferred citation style. After completing your paper you should edit it with the provided citation style or if it hasn't been provided select one that fits your paper. You should not mix different citation styles in one paper.

7. Finally proofread your paper before submission. Proofreading will help you correct any mistakes that you would have made while drafting the final paper. It also provides an opportunity to add any important information that may have been omitted.  A good and mistake-free term paper will earn you good grades in the final grades.

Importance of term papers to both students and teachers

The term papers serve importance in the final grade of students. It helps the teacher understand the course content that the student has retained and also the magnitude of understanding of the course. Through term papers, the teacher or professor can get a sense of the students writing and researching skills. It also helps them give the final grade of the course unit.

1. Term papers help in the development of writing skills. That is it helps a student learn how to compose and present their arguments. It also helps them know how to defend their arguments and topics they are writing. Through the writing of term papers, the students acquire knowledge of techniques used in editing written materials. 

2. Term papers also help students form and improve their communication styles. They learn to express themselves well in writing. Also, it helps students learn how to translate their thoughts into writing. Students can also learn different types of writing methods and research techniques that produce the best results. By improving their communication style students can connect with other students through their write-ups without causing confusion or a misunderstanding.

3. Some of the term papers that are given as a group discussion project helps create interactions among students. They learn patience and also how to appreciate other student’s opinions on the topic they are discussing. Through the discussions, they can broaden their knowledge on the topic and gain new information from their group mates thus diversifying their thinking.

The only disadvantage of term papers to the student is that it takes up too much time and requires intense research. Although it is an important requirement in the final grade of the course it limits the student's social time to carry out other activities.

In conclusion, term papers are essential in the course of study. They make a huge part of the final grade of a student. The students are required to tackle it fully by carrying out deep research on the given topic to earn a good grade. Poor tackling of the term paper will earn you poor grades. The term paper should be well-composed and arranged for easy delivery of information and should also avoid irrelevant information.  Term papers are most important to the students compared to the teachers. For teachers, it serves as an evaluation method to get a sense of understanding of the course by the students. In students, it helps them develop their communication skills, writing skills, research methods, and also give them the motivation to learn more regarding their topics and course. Teachers and professors are recommended to give out term papers to students. Through researching different subjects the students understand different approaches to tackling term papers and it also prepares them for future bulk research work in their chosen careers. 

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